Trainer Tips: Bedroom Diary, Bedroom Areas, Rooming Lists

IMG_7854.jpgThe ability to reserve overnight accommodations, down to the specific room, is a feature that makes Kx great while importing rooming lists is a quick and easy task.

Both save time and help you understand your available resources... until they don't work for you.

Nine times out of 10 the calls that come in about a problem in one of these areas is usually a quick fix, if you know what to check.

Below we have listed the most common answers to the two most common calls we receive about bedroom allocation and rooming lists.

So set your coffee to brew as we take a quick look.

I can't reserve a room the Bedroom Diary is showing as open.

At this time of year, this becomes one of our top questions. If you run into this remember:

  • The Bedroom Diary shows you "bodies in beds" or beds on Rooming Lists, without the X-Ray vision. These are rooms that have been allocated to an actual person; there is (or will be shortly) a body in that bed/room.
  • Be sure to check your Bedroom Areas plan. This will show you rooms that are reserved/on hold for another group, out of service, or in an allocation block. 

My rooming list isn't importing.

Kx is smart enough to know how many columns you are importing and if that number matches with the number of fields you have checked off. However, as great as Kx is, it doesn't know if the column names on your Spreadsheet match with the order of the check boxes.

So here are a few items to check before trying your import again:

  • Do your column titles/names match those in the checklist in the import screen?
  • Are the columns in the same order as those on the checklist in the import screen?
  • If you have a different arrival and departure date, are you importing them in the correct format? Try a date format of mm/dd/yyyy. 
  • Do the Block and Room Type classifications match what is reserved?
  • Do you have any spaces or non alpha-numeric characters on your rooming list? If so, remove them.

If you still run into problems, send screen shots of what is happening as well as what steps you were taking. Better yet, use Steps Recorder which will show us step-by-step what was done.

Then email the information in to our Support Team at so we can take a look for you. 

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can refer to it in the future.

What are some other quick tips we can share with you?

Jeanette Kletzli

Written by Jeanette Kletzli

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