The Perfect Pricing Structure... Does it only exist in fairy tales?

By Laura Lafferty

At this year's ACCED-I conference, several conference center directors spoke about their journey with evaluating and setting rates for their conference departments. 

Following along from a recent post of ours on complete meeting packages, we asked one of the directors to share her story and tips as her department went through the process.

Suzanne Shaw with Yale Conference and Events (YC&E) is our guest blogger. She has shared the process YC&E recently went through to organize and re-evaluate their pricing structure for conferences and events.

Grab your cup of Joe and read on for her tips.

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7 Steps to Help ID if CMPs are a Right Fit for You

By Laura Lafferty

Does this sound familiar?

What is the price for X? Does that price include Y and Z? Well... it depends on if you do A, B, or C.

Do you not have a package rate? Oh sure! We take the total cost of all items you reserve and divide it by the number of people you expect.

Say what? So what if my final count is lower? Or higher? How is that a package rate?

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