Keeping it all in the family... with Linked Rooms

Think you know Linked Rooms? Well, for Kx2014 our development team did a rework of how this features works and relates to events.

Grab a cup of coffee while we take a quick look at the top changes and what they mean.

Linked rooms now follow a Parent/Child concept1. Parent/Child Rooms

Rooms are now set up in a parent/child structure, providing a more natural flow and connection for rooms. So if Salon A and Salon B can be opened to create one large room, the parent would be Salon A/B with Salon A and Salon B set up as the child rooms. These are set up in KxConfiguration.

2. Roll Down Editing

When editing the parent meeting room in the meeting room tab of an event, the changes will automatically update in the child rooms. For example, adding a set up time in the parent room will automatically add the same set up cushion to the child rooms.

3. All In The Family

Parent and child rooms are linked; it all stays in the family. This means a child room cannot be deleted from the Meeting Room tab and child rooms are grouped together with the parent room.

Now, your first response is probably to groan because you imagine your meeting room list growing exponentially. Here is another new feature to linked rooms: The child rooms are collapsible; you control whether or not they show up in your Meeting Room plan. Along the right side, there is a plus sign to expand and then collapse the list of parent and child rooms.

If you are looking to get linked rooms set up in your database, you can find a help guide in the Client Community section of our website (just use the button in the top right corner of this page). Once you sign in, the guide can be found under Kx Printable Help Guides > KxConferencing Application > Linked Room Help Guide Final NA.

As always, contact our team if you have any questions.

Kirstin Taylor

Written by Kirstin Taylor

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