Trainer Tips: Drag and Drop

Trainer Tips: Drag and Drop

With the release in Kx2014, Drag and Drop was added to the Conference Room Plan as a quick way to move bookings from one conference room to another.

Below are some common points to remember when using Drag and Drop.

When I try to move this booking, all the dates around are grayed out.

IMG_1297Alt.jpgThere are a couple of possibilities here. Drag and drop is to move a conference room booking within the event dates.

Take a moment to double check these possible solutions:

Ensure you are moving a room within the event dates. For example: the event runs from Tuesday to Friday and you want to move the group from Salon A to Salon B, the movement still needs to happen between the Tuesday to Friday time frame.

In order to drag and drop a booking from one conference room to another, you need to be able to see the entire length of the booked space. So let's say you have a two week event. The group needs one room for 10 days. In order to move the group from one conference space to another, your conference room plan needs to show the start and end date of the original conference space. Remember: you can change the view of your conference room plan using the "View for" drop box along the top of the screen.

Confirm you just need to move a conference space. If you need to change the actual event dates (the group wants to shorten or lengthen their event) this is still completed done in the Details tab. 

If you still run into problems, send screen shots of what is happening as well as what steps you were taking.

Or use Steps Recorder which will show us step-by-step what was done.

Then email the information in to our Support Team at so we can take a look for you. 

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can refer to it in the future.

What are some other quick tips we can share with you?

Kirstin Taylor

Written by Kirstin Taylor

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