The EU's GDPR and What It Means for You!

By Rob Johnstone on July 17, 2017

Have you heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed by the European Union Parliament? Since most of our readers are in North America, there is a chance that if you did hear about it, you figured it didn't apply to you.

Well, that may not be accurate.

If you have conference guests or students from an EU country, this regulation could apply to you.

With clients spanning the globe, this is a topic we have watched closely because of what it means for our clients. We have worked to learn all we can to share the impact it has on you.

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3 Ways to Track Your Impact on Campus

By Laura Lafferty on June 22, 2017

Last month, I wrote about three of the biggest impacts a conference department can have on its campus. I firmly believe in those three ideas, but how do you prove it? It is one thing to detail what the impact is, but it also needs to be demonstrated for others to buy in to the concepts. 

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3 Ways Conference Services Should Never Underestimate its Impact

By Laura Lafferty on May 25, 2017

As many conference professionals head into the ‘busy season’ of summer, this is a good time to remind you of just how much impact you have on your university and your community.  

In the day to day chaos of summer conference season, it is easy to forget the big picture when the focus is on the little details. Below are my top three choices detailing the powerful influence of conference services that go beyond the revenue you generate for the university.

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3 Ways to Think Outside the Box with Optional Add-Ons

By Jeanette Kletzli on April 27, 2017

Money, revenue, the bottom line. It is the primary reason why many conference departments exist. Get your university more money.

At this year’s annual ACCED-I conference, we led a session taking the revenue discussion outside of the box. We looked at activities and programs from others campuses that utilize campus space for additional revenue in an innovative direction.

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Lessons Learned from a Few Humans & a Mouse

By Kirstin Taylor on March 19, 2017

CUSTOMER SERVICE! We hear it over and over again. Companies like Disney and Southwest are well-known for their level of customer service and are considered the gold standard. 

How do we make our conference staff live up to that level of service? How do we "go above and beyond"? 

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Scheduling is NOT Conference Management

By Laura Lafferty on February 13, 2017

This month, we welcome Laura Lafferty as our guest blogger.

While working in conference services, she used an academic scheduling system to manage her conferences and events. After all, she was just scheduling events; it's the same thing.

Read on as you take a coffee break to learn more about her experience in how effective the system was for her needs.

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[Guest Blog] Tips to Help Get an Intern Housing Program Up & Running

By Jake Holtz on January 30, 2017

Intern housing is becoming a big buzz word these days. And it is easy to understand why: it can be an easier way to increase sales and occupancy in an area that is consistent. One campus that has seen a huge return through an intern housing program is the University Center Chicago. In the last 5 years, intern housing has grown and now represents the majority of their housing revenue.

Jake Holtz, the Assistant Director of Summer Housing and Conference Operations, shares tips and insights University Center has experienced as their summer intern housing program grew.

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14 Things We Learned from Hosting a Presidential Debate

By UNLV Student Union and Event Services Team on December 9, 2016

Managing conferences and events is no small feat. There are many moving pieces for any conference and we all learn as we go along. Now imagine what you would learn about your team and events in general from an event on steroids... like a Presidential Debate.

Such was the case at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The Student Union and Event Services at UNLV hosted an event to top most events. While some of their experiences may not be repeated again, the lessons learned can be carried on to help serve other groups. 

We are excited to share their thoughts about about what they learned from hosting a Presidential Debate on campus.

Thank you to the UNLV Photo Services for the photos of the UNLV campus.

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Your "Cliff Notes" Guide to the Cloud, Cloud computing, and SaaS

By Kinetic Software on October 25, 2016

The term “Cloud” is everywhere these days. Does it mean a web-based product, hosting, or a storage system?

Yes, it does.

The word “Cloud” refers to the Internet. It can mean anything from server hosting, browser-based applications, cloud storage, or file sharing. Which isn’t very helpful when trying to figure out what will work best for your operations.

As a layman, it is sometimes difficult to determine which service a vendor is talking about. And even when they do explain it, does it mean what you think?

Well, here is a quick guide to help start the conversation. So kick back while you brew your coffee and take a quick break.

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Keeping it all in the family... with Linked Rooms

By Kirstin Taylor on August 25, 2016

Think you know Linked Rooms? Well, for Kx2014 our development team did a rework of how this features works and relates to events.

Grab a cup of coffee while we take a quick look at the top changes and what they mean.

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